Who am I? I am the thirties, I live and work in Ottawa for fifteen years already. In life, I share my time between my job, my man, my loved ones and growl on the puss*@! who does stupid things and I blog!

Several years ago, I was present at a website musical that I had mounted from A to Z, the business lasted several years for my pleasure, with the collaboration of other music lovers. Then, time passing and a few hacking sites later, I put an end to this pretty story, while keeping for me the domain name of the famous site, as if I knew that the case was not everything in fact closed.

Meanwhile, the urge to write again came back, like a stroke of elastic behind the head. Then I began to use the pen here and there, for others to whom I was selling what I was writing. But when we like it, we also like to do it for ourselves, so to make a blog seem obvious to me. It was simply the nicest way to write again, for others and me, but that’s also how I could find what I had never really let go: writing, hacking, administer a blog or site, and above all, share all this with other people.

That’s how Yes We Blog was born, a great new story!

So a few times I’ve been there, with great reinforcements of surfing, Internet watch, tests, again and again, to get blogs that look almost like me. And when you get what you’re looking for, it’s so great!

This site, or rather this blog, I created it to share with you! This blog, like many others, will also evolve with time, the experience and the superb things that can be found right or left on the web or that one makes oneself, like themes, images and other important details that make a blog look and like us.

Anyway, Yes We Can BLOG!

To contact me, make suggestions or remarks, propose collaborations or other ideas and projects, leave a comment or go to the Contact section!

I was also kindly invited to talk about YesWeBlog on the blogs and sites that follow: Blogger Interview at BlookUp, Epiceriedublog, Cyberentraide, Chez Nathalie, as well as on BeautyAddict.

Yes We Blog!

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